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Tynrich Customer Service

Our company provides presales services. We can offer our customers both the detailed product introduction and the electronic version of the catalog. In accordance with the requirements of customers, we can help propose a set of optimal solutions, recommend the most suitable product and work out a complete quotation. Meanwhile, various types of video, such as workshops and the operating state of machine, can be also available for customers to watch. If necessary, we can deliver our samples to our customers, but they need to bear the delivery costs.

After customers place the order, we keep our customers informed of the production progress in time. At the same time, we strictly control the product quality and deliver our product accompanied with the specific testing report at a specified date. The delivery cycle is generally 7 working days. Additionally, we take the repeated detection and the aging tests for 72 hours. When the goods are delivered, the related fittings can be provided in keeping with the proportion of three thousandths. If customers have special needs, we can discuss with each other again.

We insist on the after-sales services within no more than 24 hours and we try our best to solve all problems as fast as possible. Our company warrants the outdoor lighting for 3 years and the indoor lighting for 2 years. During the guarantee period, we will well accomplish the follow-up services and learn more information about the usage of product from our customers. Once a non artificial quality problem occurs within the warranty period, our company will replace the fittings with free charge. If necessary, we can go abroad to solve the product problem.

Although our self owned brand is Tynrich, we can also provide the OEM and ODM services. Our product has been well received by our customers and widely applied in Europe, North America, Russia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia etc.

Main Products
  • LED High Bay LightLED high bay light can be mainly applicable in shipbuilding, mining, warehouse, workshop, parking building, gas station, toll station, exhibition hall, stadium hall etc. Moreover, it is specially designed to substitute for different conventional products, such as 400W mercury lamp, high pressure sodium or metal halide high bay lamp etc...
  • LED Panel Light LED panel light is a patented product for illumination needs, which mainly possesses aesthetic appearance and multi functions. It features unique integrated fixture, ultra thin design, light weight, extremely long lifespan of over 50,000hours, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, low maintenance cost, above 60% electricity cost reduction, great light distribution, no UV or IR, no flickering etc...