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LED Street Light Control Management System

1. Photocell
Due to the quick response to light, photocell can effectively switch on or off the LED street light. When the light is dim and the setting time for lighting has not arrived, photocell can automatically start to work so as to provide the best effect of illumination.

2. Timing Control System

Timing control system aims to well control the brightness of the light in different periods by controlling the IC built in the LED street light. For instance, the light can be set with 100% brightness for the first 3 hours, 50% brightness for the middle 2 hours and 30% brightness for the last 4 hours.

Moreover, we recommend our customers to utilize the photocell and the timing control system together, so this product can achieve the best effect of electricity reduction and the optimization of the cost control.

3. GPRS and ZigBee gateway

ZigBee subnet is formed by all single lamp controllers, which covers a distance of approximately 1,000 meters. ZigBee backbone network includes ZigBee subnet and high power ZigBee gateway. Multiple ZigBee backbone network assembles to GPRS and ZigBee gateway for remote transmission to the control center.

Cost Comparison
Photocell Timing control system GPRS and ZigBee
Cost Structure You only need to mount the single photocell on the LED street light You only need to install the IC component inside the LED street light. ZigBee and Zigbee gateway cost
GPRS and ZigBee gateway cost
Software cost
Software usage cost
Central control room cost
Employee cost
Software maintenance cost

Based on the above analysis, we know that GPRS and ZigBee requires more costs and also possesses more complicated production design than both photocell and timing control system. Moreover, it needs a large amount of fund for usage and maintenance.

Our proposal is only used for reference and we will take your decision as final. Also, our company can entirely satisfy your requirements for the control mode in the technical aspect.

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