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  • T8 LED Fluorescent TubeT8 LED fluorescent tube is perfect replacement for 22W, 42W, 58W conventional tubes. RoHS compliant, this tube can provide such advantages as high luminous efficacy, good heat dissipation, instant start, environmental protection, more than 60% energy saving, up to 50,000hrs lifespan, low maintenance costs, consistent light levels, easy installation etc...
  • T5 LED Fluorescent TubeIn keeping with RoHS standard, this LED fluorescent tube comes with superior quality white LED lighting source, aluminum alloy shell, PC frosted cover etc. Thus, it is prominently characterized by easy installation, minimum 35, 000 hours lifespan, no ballast or RF interference, no flickering or buzzing, high luminous efficacy, significant energy reduction, low retrofit costs or maintenance costs, instant start etc...

LED fluorescent tube is one of the most commonly used lighting sources, which is especially suitable for the places where need long hours lighting but have low occupancy rate, such as stairwells, corridors, warehouses, and remote locations etc.

This LED fluorescent tube features extremely long lifespan, large electric energy reduction, low replacement cost, high light output, high luminous efficiency and outstanding color rendition. To provide lower temperature in comparison with the traditional bulbs, our product can effectively transform the majority of energy into visible light and a small amount of energy into heat. By adoption of Epistar 3528 SMD LED, our product possesses high brightness and uniformity. Moreover, this tube can offer 180°or 240° light angle as well as internal and external driver solution for your choice.

Our LED fluorescent tube is operated by electric or magnetic ballast. It mainly serves to activate mercury vapor in argon or neon to form plasma and radiate short wave ultraviolet which makes phosphorus give out fluorescent light. Before starting, our product needs a starter to preheat cathodes, so it requires more economical ballast designs. The straight type product is the most economical solution for general light applications. This tube can be used in conjunction with light fixture.

Warranty Period
Guarantee period for any defect of our product in material and workmanship is 2 years from the date of purchase.

This LED fluorescent tube is packed separately in a plastic pipe. In use of anti static sponge end caps, the metal pins can be effectively protected.

Worldsendlight is an experienced LED fluorescent tube manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include LED panel light, dual module LED floodlight, LED street light, industrial LED light, and much more.

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  • LED Retrofit SpotlightThis LED retrofit spotlight is harmless to environment without any mercury or lead. In comparison with conventional halogen lamp, our product can significantly reduce electricity by 80% and also save costs on both maintenance and replacement with its extremely long lifespan of up to 35,000 hours...
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