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LED Light Bulb

LED light bulb is an environmentally friendly product without UV, mercury or electromagnetic interference. Unlike the conventional bulbs, our product can help save enormous maintenance costs, such as replacement cost, time and labor expense, which is especially suitable for office buildings and skyscrapers. Another striking feature is its low power consumption, which can reduce the electricity energy by up to 80%.

Furthermore, our LED light bulb possesses superior quality, high uniformity, large light output, long lifespan, no flickering, dimmable function, easy installation, outstanding thermal management, 270 degrees beam angle, new light source 285 SMD etc. At the temperature of 6000K, our product can bring about 80 lm/w luminous efficacy. In use of AC90-260V voltage, it can absolutely meet the global standard.

Technical Specifications
Model Number TPL-2704-E27xx-01 TPL-2705-E27xx-01 TPL-2706-E27xx-01
Input Voltage AC90-260V
System power consumption 4.3W 5.5W 6.7W
Color Temperature 3000K/4000K/6000K
Luminaire Initial Flux 260lm 455lm 550lm
CRI 70/80
Base E27/E26
Light Angle 270°

Warranty Period
Guarantee period for any material or workmanship defect is 2 years from the date of purchase.


1. For non dimming, this bulb can work in the same way as traditional lamp.
2. For dimming, our product can be equipped with conventional wall controller.

Each LED light bulb is packed in a separate box.

Worldsendlight is a professional LED light bulb manufacturer in China. The wide range of products we offer includes solar LED street light, LED flood light, LED high bay light, and more.

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