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LED A19 Bulb

LED A19 bulb is an Energy Star certified product, which can entirely replace 60 watt incandescent product for such household applications as table, decorative fixtures, recessed lighting, floor lamps, pendant fixtures and ceiling fixtures. Moreover, the bulb shapes can be available in candles, A shaped product, special bulbs as well as R, PARs, MR16 spots and floods.

This LED A19 bulb primarily features omni directional design, unique shape, soft white light, ultra long lifespan of over 22.8 years, 80% energy saving, small carbon footprint, large electric bill reduction, high efficiency, fadeless fabrics, instant start and environmental protection without toxic mercury. By adoption of patented color technology, the lens of our product possesses orange appearance. This product can be easily fitted into existing fixtures with traditional bulb shapes, so our customers may feel convenient to use it.

We pack each LED A19 bulb separately in an individual box.

Warranty Period
Guarantee period for defects of our product in material and workmanship is 2 years from the date of purchase.

As a China-based LED A19 bulb manufacturer and supplier, Worldsendlight offers a broad range of products that includes panel LED lamp, T8 LED tube light, LED E40 retrofit bulb, modular LED street light, and more.

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