Solar LED Street Light

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Solar LED Street Light

Solar LED street light possesses such characteristics as long lifespan, low voltage, low heat, high light output, low power consumption, low maintenance cost, safe and reliable operation, easy installation, environmental protection, as well as superior quality by adoption of original Nichia LED and Taiwan Power supply.

Additionally, we apply an integrated system to our product, including the light itself with IP66 waterproof housing, as well as power generation, storage and management through solar panels, battery and controller. Also, the whole solar system solution is available.

Technical Specifications

Input voltage DC12V, DC24V optional
System Power factor ≥92%
LED Luminous Efficiency 78lm/w or 90lm/w
Harmonic distortion (THD) < 25%
Surge protection >6.5KV
Light distribution IESNA Type II, Short
Color temperature (CCT) 4800-5200K
Working temperature -40℃~50℃
Working wet 10~95% RH
Working life 50,000 hours
IP rating grade IP66
Power wattage 30W, 45W, 50W, 55W, 58W, 65W, 80W

Why choose our Solar LED Street Light?
This product is durable, waterproof, shock and vibration proof, providing soft, anti glare and effective ambient. It can not only reduce large carbon footprint and significant energy by 60%, but also minimize its maintenance cost. Our product contains UL and CE listed driver, optimized heat sink, die cast aluminum housing for ingressive protection, as well as patented optical lens for 95% light transmittance. In use of tilting mechanism, fast adjustment on tilt angles from -10 to 10 degree in 5 degree step can be available in our street light. Moreover, we also provide turn key solution.

Outline Dimensions (mm)

Light Distribution
We have 3 types of light distribution for option.
Packaging Specifications
Size 693mm*393mm*240mm
N.W 8.0kg
G.W 9.0kg
Packaging material Each light is packed separately in a carton with EPE.

Worldsendlight is an experienced solar LED street light manufacturer based in China. Our products include LED fluorescent tube, six module LED street lamp, LED ceiling light, and more.

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