250W 280W 300W 320W LED Street Light

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250W 280W 300W 320W LED Street Light

The LED street light is the new generation of lighting source in replace of high pressure sodium lamp above 400W. It features eight module design, high efficiency, significant power saving, high color index, cold start and environmental protection. It is extremely incredible that our street light possesses 5 to 10 times more working life than a traditional sodium or mercury lamp. Therefore, its maintenance cost and carbon footprint can be largely reduced.

Unlike the conventional street lamps, our product will not bring about the strobe so that it can eliminate any possibility of both the flickering and the visual fatigue. Furthermore, this product well solves the problem of frequent switching that the conventional product can not deal with. In order to achieve huge energy saving and switching off, our product can be also controlled by occupancy sensor and Zigbee system for option.


Model Number TSL-4029-02 TSL-4032-02
Input Voltage 90Vac~277Vac, 50/60Hz
LED Power Consumption 252 W 277 W
System Power Consumption 286 W 315 W
Luminaire Initial Flux 26,080 lm 24,570 lm
Color Temperature 5000K
Light Distribution IESNA Type II, Short
LED Junction Temperature < 75℃
Power Factor > 0.92
Total Harmonic Distortion < 20%
Surge Protection > 6.5KV
Operating Temperature -40℃~50℃, 10%~95%RH
Ingress Rating IP 66
Operating Life 50,000 hrs Degradation < 30%
Weight 13.2kg
Luminaire efficiency 78lm/w or 90lm/w optional

Why choose our Modular LED Street Light?
This LED street light can be available in street application in keeping with RoHS and CE standards. It comes with original Nichia white LED, UL and CE listed driver, die casting aluminum housing, aluminum extrusive heat sink, patented optical lens, photocell and universal mounting hardware.

Our product can provide superior efficacy and uniformity, 95% light transmittance, waterproof performance, short light distribution, optimal post top and side entry etc. Additionally, the beam angle of our product can reach up to 135 degree and its tilt angles can vary from -10 to +10 degree in 5 degree step. Thanks to the high CRI 70, our product really can show the true color and more brightness.

Outline Dimensions (mm)

Light Distribution
We have 3 types of light distribution for option.
Packaging Specifications
Size 1158mm*393mm*240mm
N.W 15.2kg
G.W 16.2kg
Packaging material Each light is packed separately in a carton with EPE.

Worldsendlight is a professional 250W 280W 300W 320W LED street light manufacturer in China. The wide range of products we offer includes solar LED street light, LED flood light, LED E40 retrofit bulb, and more.

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